MEET MITCHELL and his big brother frank

Mitchell Bays Turner was born a healthy vivacious boy on February 27, 2012. “It wasn’t until the morning of his baptism, when Mitchell was three-months-old, that his mother, Meg McElwain, noticed bruising on his legs. The next day, she took him to the pediatrician who recommended a blood test. The results of which showed Mitchell was anemic and had an extremely high white blood cell count. Mitchell and his mother were sent directly to Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital.”

That day, Mitchell Bays Turner was diagnosed with a rare form of Infant Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL); he was given a 40% chance of survival. The family immediately started treatment.

Over the course of Mitchell’s two year battle with childhood cancer, he enduring long hospital stays, harsh chemotherapy drugs and isolation from family, including his older brother, Frank. Mitchell did achieve remission, but later relapsed.

Mitchell died due to complications from the intense chemotherapy and antibiotic medications. He died just weeks after his second birthday; he lived only 774 days.

Mitchell’s big brother Frank was only three-years-old when Mitchie was diagnosed.  For two years, his life was turned upside down.  Meg was forced to neglect him while caring for and living with Mitchie in the hospital.  Child grief caused Frank to face difficult emotions and erratic behavior. Play therapy and counseling have helped Frank navigate the trauma and find resilience.

For parents Meg McElwain and Frank Turner, III, Mitchell’s Fund is way honoring their late son’s memory while working to improve childhood mental health as a way to celebrate their living son Frank.

Mitchell Bays Turner Pediatric Fund

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