Witness to a miracle

Any parent who has ever sat through a night with an ill child knows that is the worst feeling in the world - seeing your baby suffer. Guest blogger Meg McElwain had to endure that feeling for nearly two years, as her son Mitchell fought pediatric leukemia. Although Mitchell lost his battle to cancer in April 2014, Meg has shared her sorrows and joys in the story of her son's fight in its entirety.

Written by Meg McElwain

Part One

It's every parent's worst fear, lived out by Charlotte mom, Meg McElwain, as her son, Mitchell, was diagnosed with pediatric cancer at just 3 months of age. Join Meg as she courageously shares her family's story in a eight-part guest blog series, Witness to a Miracle: Mitchell's fight against pediatric cancer.

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Faith carries a mother through her baby’s fatal cancer

By Mandy Ravin - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Charlotte mom Meg McElwain has blogged on the Observer’s website MomsCharlotte.com about her son Mitchell’s lifetime fight with leukemia. Diagnosed at 3 months old, and suffering a relapse in February at age 2, Mitchell died April 13. MomsCharlotte’s site administrator Mandy Ravin shares her gratitude.

When I put out a call last fall for guest bloggers, a reply came in immediately from Meg. Sharp and direct, Meg told me her 17-month-old son was battling a rare form of leukemia and that she wanted to tell their story. Uncertain of what to expect, Meg and I planned to meet for coffee.

The morning of the meeting, I was dragging my feet. How could I be excited about meeting a woman who was administering daily chemotherapy treatments to her baby? I prepared myself for a sad and heart-wrenching cup of coffee.

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50 Most Influential Women

Meg McElwain, Founder and Chairman of Mitchell’s Fund has been named one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Charlotte for a second time by The Mecklenburg Times.

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Local parents start support group to help critically ill children, families

When their son Mitchell was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia at 3 months old, Meg McElwain and Frank Turner III had no idea what the next stage of their lives would bring.

Now, after almost seven months of treatment, the couple is starting to realize how lucky they are to have such loving friends and family, and want to aid others who might not have that vital help close at hand.

“While we were extremely shocked to find out (about the diagnosis), we quickly realized how fortunate we are to have a wonderful support system,” McElwain said. “So many families who are facing a life changing pediatric diagnosis do not have a support system.”

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