Mitchell's Fund - Meg McElwain

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Meg McElwain is mother of the late Mitchell Bays Turner and founder of Mitchell's Fund. Meg's story will inspire and educate you on what she and other "Momcologists" experience when their child is diagnosed and they fight to cure the disease. She is also an outspoken advocate for pediatric mental health illness because her living son, Frank, uses these services to cope with grief and post-traumatic stress. Meg McElwain suffered immense stress and unimaginable heartbreak during her three-month-old son, Mitchell’s, life-long struggle with a rare, pediatric cancer.

She founded “Mitchell’s Fund” in 2012 in the midst of her son’s illness; today, she continues to lead the organization pro-bono to help others in his memory. Mitchell’s Fund supports the social needs of children and families in the crisis of a life threatening, pediatric illness. Mitchell’s Fund supports the social needs of children and families facing the crisis of a life threatening pediatric illness. The heart of Mitchell’s Fund is pediatric cancer, but the fund also supports pediatric mental health issues. Contributions are used to fund expenses like mortgage payments, utility bills, funeral expenses and counseling services. Mitchell’s Fund gives support that allows parents to relieve financial stress and focus on caring for their sick child. Despite the deep pain Meg continues to feel years later as she raises her son, Frank, now as a single mom, she lives her life with a unique, bold, and strong perspective. She knows that life is short and our plans for it can change in an instant. Because she trusted God and survived the suffering, she is closer to fully understanding His purpose for her. She chooses to begin each day with prayer and a positive attitude. Meg writes and speaks with truth and transparency about the deep Christian faith, hope and resiliency that have the power to guide you through dark times. She is vulnerable and real. Her southern charm and natural gift of storytelling leave audiences encouraged and inspired to move forward in the midst of personal struggles.