Most Urgent and Meaningful Request
January 2015 - $3,000

Transport Fees to Help Patient Come Home to Die
Partnered with Novant Health Foundation and Claire’s Army to meet total.

I am trying to get MedCenter Air to transport one of our patients who has been at NIH to Novant through BCBS. Cost will be $8164.

He has been a patient at Blume for many years battling Leukemia with five relapses since he was 3 years old. He is now 22 years old.

He is currently at NIH in Bethesda MD where he was admitted for a clinical trial which was not successful. He is medically not able to fly commercially or by private vehicle.

Dr. Bryant is working on getting approval for an experimental drug for compassionate use here that is not available there. He likely has a very short time to live and our goal is to get him back home. Med Center air is calling now to try to get approval to bring the patient home. Thank you for your consideration.

Hearing Aid
December 2014 - $3,683

Medicaid does not cover this system and family does not have the funds to pay.
The total cost for the transmitter, receivers and dispensing is $3,683.

The patient is a 4-year old-boy diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma in 2011. He completed chemotherapy, surgery and radiation in Charlotte and is now participating in clinical trial at Sloan Kettering for additional vaccine therapy.

He is doing well attending preschool in Rutherfordton at his family’s church school where he will also go for Elementary School.

An audiologist at Novant Health completed hearing testing and determined that he has hearing loss related to chemotherapy and would benefit from an FM transmitter system that can be used at school and other places where there is background noise. Normal hearing aids would not help with this type of hearing loss.

Funeral Request
July 2014 - $2,000

Essay Written By the Patient $2,000.00

Well to start off my name is _____, and I have been battling cancer since I was around thirteen. I am now twenty years old and still continuing the fight. One of my initial symptoms was a large mass on the right side of my neck, which was about the size of a baseball! This disease has truly become a part of me and I have had to learn how to live and cope with it throughout most of my life, its second nature. This is just a little composure into my battle with cancer.

I suppose the best place to start is the younger years when I was diagnosed, I think for me the hardest part was losing my hair even though I was a guy it was still hard for me, and needless to say I was always embarrassed. I guess for me at that age I just didn't want people to know that I was sick that I wasn't a normal child. Within the first year of dealing with cancer I learned how to deal with certain things! I didn't like showing I was sick, and I sure didn't like complaining, it didn't suit me. I've always looked at it this way, I don't want my sickness and me feeling bad affect my family or my friends, I wouldn't want them worrying constantly. Once I turned older it seemed my body tolerated more so I was able to do more be more active in work, with my friends, and everyday things. I’m one of those people that will and could tough it out through about anything you throw at me cancer has become nothing but a little routine. I know that the cancer has made me a fighter and taught me never to back down no matter how much bigger your opponent is or how outnumbered you are, as long as you know you gave it your all, the way I see it you still a winner. I believe that cancer hasn't affected my life in a bad way but made me into a man that has characteristics anyone would be proud of! Another reason I know I did so well is because of the great doctors and nurses and support team I had you don't realize how much it helps at the time, but when you're looking back you can see it made a difference.

This is just a little of how cancer has affected my life in my own opinion if I could go back and change the fact that I ever had it, well I wouldn’t. I have gained and lost a great deal with this disease but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

First Grant
June 2013 - $1,578.80

The patient is a 2 ½ year old child diagnosed with leukemia in November of 2012.
Currently in treatment at the Novant Health Blume Clinic and has been doing well.

The patient has been in the legal custody of his great aunt and uncle since February of 2012 and lives with them and their two older children in their home. The great uncle works full time as a truck driver for a trash removal company and the great aunt works for the school in the cafeteria.

The family has managed well after the initial diagnosis and leave. The great uncle has been able to work full time, but the great aunt was forced to move to part time hours. The family moved to a smaller, less expensive home to save money and allowed their niece to move into their home with a rent to own option.

Unfortunately the niece has found that she cannot afford to make the mortgage payments, so she had to move out and the owners have moved back in.

The $3,000 they had saved to help them over the summer had to be spent on replacement of the HVAC system and they will now not have funds for the house payment in August or September.

The aunt will not receive her first check when school resumes until the middle of September and it will be a partial check. In addition the extreme stress is wearing on the great uncle and he was involved in an accident with the trash truck and will be suspended for two days and have to pay a $1,000 fine.

For these reasons, the family has asked for assistance if possible with the mortgage payments for the months of August and September. They feel confident they can manage once they begin receiving full paychecks by the end of September.

The mortgage amount is $789.40 a month. This request is for two months or a total of $1578.80. Thank you for your consideration of this request.